Learn the techniques of stand up paddle boarding with Kula SUP! Whether you are taking your first ever SUP lesson, practicing SUP yoga, or PaddleFit, Kula SUP will help fine-tune your paddling skills, teach you new board tricks, and help build up your SUP confidence. It’s all about safety, fun, and learning! These classes are taught on the Glide SUP fitness board, the most stable and comfortable boards on the market for yoga and SUP fitness classes. All equipment including paddles, anchors, and
PFDs (life jackets) are provided. Your instructor is lifeguard and CPR certified and trained in applied water safety.

SUP Lessons

Get your sea legs with Kula SUP! Starting with a dryland introduction, this class we will go over basic paddle techniques, drills, and pro tips to keep you happily paddling along. All experience levels are welcome!

SUP Yoga

As you ground down into your first Downward-Facing Dog of the day the water laps against the side of your board. It glistens on your SUP, as it gently cools your fingertips and toes, reminding you of the unique, beautiful environment you have brought your practice to! Stability, balance, flexibility, will pleasantly challenge your physical body, while your mind gets the privilege of meditating in nature. Kula SUP’s yoga classes are accessible to all levels. Our expert instructors are armed with numerous adaptations and modifications to customize and bring ease to your flow. We welcome everyone, from the first-time yogi or paddler to the most adventurous inversion junkies!


Stand up paddling is a killer workout. Now mix in mindful strength and stabilization movements and get ready to feel like a superhero! We begin all PaddleFit lessons with a dryland warmup before progressing our techniques to the water. Each 75-minute class will leave you wanting to come back to expand on your newly practiced skills as you feel your core actively engaged and
muscles getting stronger!


Kula SUP excursions create a safe environment for fun and adventure! You won’t even notice the wonderful endurance workout you’re getting as you paddle along with an expert guide while exploring the ecosystem of a stunning body of water from atop your SUP. Perhaps a little fish will swim up and wave, “hello!” Or if you’re really lucky a bald eagle will grace you with its presence from above. Anything is possible on an excursion with Kula SUP! These are a time to truly soak in your natural surroundings and enjoy the company of like-minded paddlers!

SUP & Wine Tastings

The best reward after an adventurous paddle is a little wine! Embark on a guided paddle soaking in the natural beauty of your surroundings. Find peace in your pace as you glide across the water, enjoying both your internal thoughts and neighboring paddlers. Conclude this excursion with local wine and good times!

SUP Yoga & Wine Tastings

SUP Yoga plus Wine! Need we say more? Begin this excursion with a brief dryland introduction to stand up paddle boarding before heading out for a ten-minute paddle preparing the body for movement. From here, you will anchor amongst your classmates for a mellow floating yoga flow. Sun salutations, stability poses, and a playful test of a possibly refreshing inversion for those who dare! Enjoy sparkling scenery and curious wildlife as you dive deeper into your yoga practice in a new and challenging space. As you find yourself in Savasana, you will feel the calm waters underneath you strip away all tension and worries. Now, you are ready for a wine tasting! As the crisp local wine kisses your lips you will surely feel the powerful elevation of your mind, body, and soul!

LED Paddles, LED Full Moon Paddles, LED SUP Yoga Adventure

We are so excited to be offering LED excursions this SUP season! Kula SUP has teamed up with Nocqua Adventure Gear, to dress our boards up with an incredibly high-performance, removable, and rechargeable underwater LED lighting system, specifically designed for stand up paddleboards. The Spectrum Sport Lighting is harnessed on your board. It has SEVEN color options and two modes that can easily be selected by the touch of a button! How fun is that?! We will be hosting LED Paddles, special LED Full Moon Paddles, and LED SUP Yoga Adventure classes. You’ll never have the excuse that there is, “not enough time in the day,” with these exquisitely recharging evening excursions!


Kula SUP rents Glide Stand Up Paddle Boards, the #1 board on the market for floating fitness. Looking to get out and explore on your own? For $20 an hour or $30 for two hours, you can create your own Kula SUP adventure! Private and Group Paddles Running out of ideas for your next family reunion, bachelorette extravaganza, birthday party, boy scout outing… the list of life events goes on and on! Kula SUP can help! Book your next gathering with Kula SUP and give your buddies an experience they will never forget.
We can even travel to a body of water near you!

We also offer private yoga, fitness, and paddle instruction if looking for a more intimate and individualized lesson. Angie Hall is a certified and knowledgeable fitness instructor ready to help you meet your goals!

Share your Kula SUP event dreams in an email to angie@kulasup.com
and schedule your Kula SUP private or group experience today!

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