Sip & SUP!

July 5th, 2018

By Shelby Farrell

Kula in Sanskrit translates to mean, “a community of the heart, a group coming together at its own free will.” Kula SUP has masterfully crafted exactly this.

The Sip and SUP classes offered at Kula SUP exemplify the passionate community of paddlers brought together by the talented SUP guru Angie Hall. Arrive at Lake Como and begin to unwind as you enter an environment where you can escape the chaos of your daily routine. Bring one of your favorite adult restorative beverages and look forward to enjoying it after your hour paddle. Perhaps even a local favorite such as Dogfish Head or a fine wine from Chateau Bu-De Vineyard and Winery!

Angie Hall’s Sip and SUP classes are filled to the brim with fellow water enthusiasts, active, down-to- earth, and fun-loving individuals. These are the type of people I want to spend my time with! Share experiences. Chat and paddle until your heart is content. Or charge ahead and find your own meditative pace.

Over the course of the hour paddle there are plenty of opportunities to discuss personal paddling goals with Angie. This is a great chance to receive one-on-one coaching and the advice you seek to take your paddling to the next level. It is an exceptionally friendly, welcoming, and laidback atmosphere to play around with your SUP techniques. As spoken by one of Kula SUP’s regulars, “Angie makes sure everyone feels comfortable and can let loose!”

We so often venture off by ourselves, yet there is something extra magical about being a part of a community. Paddling is truly serene and often an activity done to seek out solitude. However, exploring in a group has its advantages. Testing out new waters, the comradery, fitness accountability, and the chance to observe the form and techniques of your peers, are just a few examples. Not to mention, beautiful moments and memories are better shared with friends! Additionally, Sip & SUP is a great active recovery workout. It has the potential to be less physically intense but will surely get your blood flowing!

The addictively fun nature of Angie’s programming has inspired numerous students to buy their own boards. You will be sure to find your happy place at Kula SUP. If you’re looking for a community of paddling and positive energy, look no further, because Kula SUP knows what’s up!

Article & photos by Shelby Farrell and Jason Gerhart @fresh_world_press


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