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panama adventure retreat

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

2021 TBD

In partnership with Flow World Travel

Leave your phone in your room. Tell your family you’ll be back in seven days. Work stress... forget it. Life stress... embrace it. We’re going to disconnect and reconnect to all that is wonderful. Life. Wellness. Self. Welcome to Panama. Time to love you.



This stunning chain of islands is untouched by big business hotels and the only road you will see is the one from the airport to the water. From then on it's travel by water taxi or your feet. Bocas is a tropical paradise where the jungle meets the sea and the only packing you will need is your flip flops, a swimsuit and a happy vibe in your soul.

All of this is included:

+ 6 Nights Stay in Bungalow Over The Water
+ Breakfast Daily
+ Round Trip Air From Panama City to Bocas Del Toro ($220 Value)
+ Boat Taxi Transportation Around The Islands
+ Private Chartered Catamaran Day Tour
+ “Jungle Book” Paddle Tour
+ Blue Coconut Restaurant Paddle, Relaxation and Snorkeling
+ Zip Lining Through The Jungle Canopy
+ Coastal Bike Cruise Tour With Stops At Epic Beach Lounges
+ Cacao Farm Jungle Hike, Educational Tour and Lunch
+ Yoga In the Jungle with Summer Ward
+ Stand Up Paddle Yoga with Summer Ward
+ Guided Meditation with Summer Ward
+ Relaxation and Fun at Red Frog, Starfish and Bluff Beaches

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