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A transcending paddle: Join Kula SUP for private and group excursions

The warm sun snuggles your skin, and you feel your cheeks blushing as the wine’s magic goes to work. Your physical body is happily buzzing from the perfect amount of stand up paddle boarding and mentally you have found your inner calm. I was lucky to be in this physiological place after a transcending experience with Angie Hall of Kula SUP.

Kula SUP offers an array of local wine tasting events, private parties, and adventure retreats, all with the central theme of stand up paddle boarding. Get out on the water and glide with your closest friends. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned paddler, Angie is a highly skilled coach and guide. Supported by one of Kula’s stable Glide boards, you will feel like Venus or Poseidon rising out of the sea as you explore.

I met up with Kula SUP at a vineyard nestled on the Bohemia River for one of their wine tasting and paddling events. The Bohemia River is a 4.7-mile tributary of the Elk River, providing a plentiful amount of space for paddling! Enjoy the backdrop of vineyards as you drift away from shore. During this Kula excursion, you will paddle for roughly 90 minutes along the banks of the river. With little inlets to poke in to and sailboats gracefully cruising by, you will forget where you are as you are transported into a new environment and begin to fall into the natural beauty that surrounds you.

As your paddle concludes, you will remember there is more greatness to come as you’re welcomed by the site of grape vines upon your return to shore. Wine tasting time! My favorite after a sunny paddle is rosé of course!

Ground yourself in the great outdoors while celebrating one of life’s milestones or simply treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience. Paddling with Kula SUP is a fabulous gift for a fun-loving mother, bridal and bachelorette parties, graduation or engagement celebrations, team-building getaways, a romantic date or a well-deserved treat for you and your friends.

Kula SUP also offers Adventure Retreats. If one session of paddling is not enough (and trust me, it won’t be!), join Angie in serene destinations such as Lake Tahoe for an extended paddle experience!

Kula SUP has created a truly recharging experience for the body and soul. Free yourself from the comfort of staying on land and try something different. All while sharing the adventure with those closest to you.

You may even see a bald eagle!

Photos by Jason Gerhart @fresh_world_press

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