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Lake Tahoe Outdoor Adventure Retreat: Review of an amazing experience!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Review written by Shelby Farrell @shelbzzf

Never having gone on a retreat before, I did not know what to expect. There was something intimidating about spending five days with strangers. Until I met Angie Hall of Kula SUP. Angie is a professional at creating experiences and the individuals she attracts are the type of people you want to get to know. She masterfully weaves these traits into developing and fostering the Kula SUP community. When she told me about her upcoming Outdoor Adventure Retreat in Lake Tahoe, I knew it was an event that could not be missed!

I recently had completed a significant journey traveling across the country, while relocating from Vermont to Southern California. My mind cluttered with anxious thoughts on moving and settling into a new city, this retreat was the perfect opportunity for me to step back, reflect, relax, connect, and refocus my energy.

I could not have been any more thrilled with what I walked away with. Angie orchestrated paddles, hikes, yoga, SUP yoga, journaling and meditation sessions. We were able to challenge ourselves on Lake Tahoe’s unusually choppy waters, a curveball thrown by Mother Nature. Paddling is a passion of mine, yoga comes secondary. As a result, I was pushed to that magical place just outside my comfort zone where the most internal development occurs. Additionally, everyone had the option to opt out of scheduled activities and do their own thing. In the evenings some chose to enjoy the night by a cozy fire, while others ventured out to play in the adorable town down the road.

I was surrounded by fellow outdoor enthusiasts of various ages and backgrounds, coming together for one common goal— to get away and experience something new, while participating in activities we all love. Never did I feel uncomfortable spending time with new people. I walked away feeling like I made new friendships and connections with individuals speckled from different parts of the country.

The food was stellar. Talented culinary savvy ladies prepared bountiful and healthy meals. Even better, they were happy to share their recipes!

All of this was paired with being in a surreal atmosphere. Nestled right on North Lake Tahoe, in Kings Beach, California, it is an enchanting stroll through tall pines to the lake. The lake is a majestically clear display of sparkling blue cradled by the Sierra Mountains. With lake views from the house, and a wonderfully spacious deck, there were so many areas within the property to retreat to when seeking down time.

Stress, anxiety, fear, judgement, these burden all of us in different ways. Escape and challenge those deep-rooted feelings with others. The “retreat environment” creates a safe place to connect with like-minded humans. I am ready to head back to my new SoCal home and charge forward.

Seize the moment and join Angie Hall of Kula SUP on one of her next excursions. I am so glad I did.

Photos by Fresh World Press @fresh_world_press

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